An Explosive Weekend for All

Competition in moderation is great for everyone: it helps you learn how to work hard to achieve your goals, or how to work together in a team based sport with your allies to reach the finish line. It’s also just plain fun to see which of your friends can beat out the rest, whether it’s through intellect and knowledge, from focus and concentration in tense situations, or just through pure strength. Here at the Village of Rowlett, our great location gives you access to fun venues guaranteed to bring out the competitive side in everyone, all while having a blast together.

GatSplat, DFW’s main stop for immersive indoor paintball, has a spot in Rowlett that stands only one mile from our luxury apartments; just take a short five-minute drive right to the spot, or save on gas and walk straight there and back. Their air-conditioned indoor arenas are the perfect warzone for any season, whether it’s the heat of the summer or the chill of winter. They have low impact 50 Cal paintball guns on site, so there’s very little pain involved and kids six and up can join in on the fun; however, if you’re still conscious about using paint guns, they offer NERF gun alternatives for pain-free adrenaline. Bring in a small group for a birthday party and get matched up with other groups for a large experience, or host a corporate or large event to take up the whole venue with friends and family. Reservations can be made online, and they’re required to attend the paintball arena.

Don your battle armor and put yourself right in the action here at the Village of Rowlett. Explore our beautiful luxury apartments today, and then check out GatSplat for your next special event.