Friends, Laughter, and Beer at Bankhead Brewing

Hand-Crafted, Artisanal Beer A Quick Walk Away

A night out with friends is a welcome way to celebrate the end of a long work week. Or to celebrate a promotion. Or that you survived Monday. Heck, even that you got your laundry folded! ANY excuse will work if it means a reason to hang with friends and enjoy some belly laughs over food and drinks. Finding the perfect spot can take some time, but once it clicks, you can feel it. Then it becomes your go-to place whenever an entertaining evening is called for. You are on a first name basis with the bartender and staff. You get to know the other regulars and there is a great comfort walking through its doors. Everybody needs a place like this! And bonus points if it is close to where you live! After all, NOBODY wants to be fighting traffic just to get to their favorite place to unwind. It defeats the purpose! Residents at Village of Rowlett luxury apartments for rent in Rowlett enjoy not just premier, lavish living, but the best little spot, Bankhead Brewing, to kick back with friends over a beer or two. And it takes less than 5 minutes to walk there!

Bankhead Brewing is named after the historic Bankhead Highway, one of the first transcontinental highways in this country! It stretched from Washington DC to San Diego, connecting people from the east to the west. Bankhead Brewing takes that spirit of connecting to heart and has created a perfect spot to connect with friends and family over craft beer and great food!

Village of Rowlett luxury apartments for rent are located in the heart of historic Rowlett! Come see this incredible location and be sure to stop by for a beer at Bankhead Brewing!