Home Living’s a Breeze

Even if you’re not much of an outdoor fan, whether you suffer from bad seasonal allergies, your athleticism isn’t the greatest, or most of your hobbies can be done in the controlled comfort of indoors, you can’t deny there’s a certain appeal to it. Spending just a few moments out on the fresh air or under the warm sun every day gives great benefits to your health, reenergizing your body and even fending off mild depression or anxiety. Here at the Village of Rowlett, we want you to find the greatest comforts of home right in our luxury apartments, both indoors and out.

B3 Two-Bedroom Home

Our two-bedroom floor plan, the B3, offers more than enough space for two or more people to live cozily, with 1,183 square feet of spare room to spare. The main feature of this lovely luxury apartment is the gigantic private balcony: it stretches entirely around the wide living room all the way towards the guest bedroom, so you can set out all sorts of patio furniture or potted plants out and enjoy fair weather days any time. Both the master and guest bedrooms can fit a king-sized mattress along with standard furniture, so catching a great night’s sleep is a breeze; they also connect to their own bathrooms, equipped with large soaking tubs to fit anyone’s bathing schedule, along with expansive walk-in closets to organize your clothes and accessories however you see fit. Finally, the open concept kitchen by the living room lets you cook to your heart’s content, with a separate island and plenty of pantry space to stock your groceries.

Breathe in the cool, refreshing air of home right here at the Village of Rowlett. Explore our two-bedroom luxury apartments and see if the B3 floor plan is the right fit, but act fast; there’s only one remaining model of this style left.